Chapter 10 - The Nation Splits Apart


Content: The Nation Splits Apart1850-1861

CHAPTER 10 – p. 320-350

Slavery and States’ Rights

Protest, Resistance, and


The Election of Lincoln

The South Secedes

U.S. I Learning Standards:

USI.35 Describe how the different economies and cultures of the North and South contributed to the growing importance of sectional politics in the early 19th century. (H)

USI.36 Summarize the critical developments leading to the Civil War. (H)

the Missouri Compromise (1820)

the South Carolina Nullification Crisis (1832-1833)

the Wilmot Proviso (1846)

the Compromise of 1850

the publication of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1851-1852)

the Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)

the Dred Scott Supreme Court case (1857)

the Lincoln-Douglas debates (1858)

John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry (1859)

the election of Abraham Lincoln (1860)

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Section 3 - The Election of 1860

adapted from the Election of 1860 wiki by Mr. Max

Opening Activity:

In the blue workbook, turn to page 86, The Election of 1860 heading. List the four political parties that ran for president in 1860, and what each party wants (their platform).





Activity 1 - Political Cartoon Analysis

external image election_1860_cartoon.jpg

Open the document below.
  • Create an "I see/it means" on this cartoon
  • In your summary, make a PREDICTION for the outcome of the 1860 election
  • Also in your summary, determine what the point of view of the artist is

Activity 2 - Data Analysis

external image 2344432.gif

After reading the directions below, open the document and in two-column note format examine the pie graph of the national popular vote of the election of 1860:

For the right column:
What main ideas about the election can you determine from the graph?
What details can you provide to support those main ideas?

For the left column:
Can you draw any connections to the cartoon?
Any connections to previous work you have done?
What questions does it lead you to ask?
What comments do you have?
What information do we still need to know?

What conclusions can you draw about this election?

Activity 3 - State by State Popular Analysis

external image 4951995578_9b412c0049.jpg

Open the document below which details the state by state popular vote of the election of 1860. Follow the directions within the document to determine the winner of each state's vote.

Activity 4 - Electoral Map Creation

external image Free-slave-states.jpg

Using the chart of the state by state vote that you have highlighted, open the document below and complete the creation of an electoral college map for the results of the election of 1860.

Electoral Map Analysis - SUMMARY HOMEWORK

What conclusions about the Election of 1860 can you draw from looking at the electoral college map?