Chapter 7 - From Nationalism to Sectionalism


Content: Nationalism and Sectionalism 1815-1840
An Era of Nationalism
Democracy and the Age of Jackson
  • Industrial North
Agricultural South

U.S. I Learning Standards:
USI.24 Describe the election of 1828, the importance of Jacksonian democracy, and Jackson’s actions as President. (H)
the spoils system
Jackson’s veto of the National Bank
Jackson’s policy of Indian Removal

USI.26 Describe the causes, course, and consequences of America’s westward expansion and its growing diplomatic assertiveness. Use a map of North America to trace America’s expansion to the Civil War, including the location of the Santa Fe and Oregon trails. (H, E, G)
the purchase of Florida in 1819
the 1823 Monroe Doctrine
the Cherokees’ Trail of Tears

USI.28 Explain the emergence and impact of the textile industry in New England and industrial growth generally throughout antebellum America. (H, E)
the technological improvements and inventions that contributed to industrial growth
the causes and impact of the wave of immigration from Northern Europe to America in the 1840s and 1850s
the rise of a business class of merchants and manufacturers
the roles of women in New England textile factories

USI.29 Describe the rapid growth of slavery in the South after 1800 and analyze slave life and resistance on plantations and farms across the South, as well as the impact of the cotton gin on the economics of slavery and Southern agriculture. (H)
Seminal Primary Documents to Read: Frederick Douglass’s Independence Day speech at Rochester, New York (1852)

USI.35 Describe how the different economies and cultures of the North and South contributed to the growing importance of sectional politics in the early 19th century. (H)

USI.36 Summarize the critical developments leading to the Civil War. (H)
the Missouri Compromise (1820)

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Section 2 - The Age of Andrew Jackson - Page 245

Trail of Tears
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National Bank and Nullification Crisis


6. Final Quiz on Andrew Jackson