Generation Citizen Projects 2013


Period 3 -

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Holyoke student inspired to run a cell phone drive
newspaper with ideas and info
catalog necklace, the recycling games ideas
ship in a lightbulb project
teacher website on recycling pbl with all steps
great ny times article with lots of ideas, articles for research, and steps for project based learning. Make school green certified
e-waste odyssey
community service learning project with all steps from a school in ca
recycle old cell phones with
social studies ideas
recycle crayons

Period 5 - Coping Strategies for violent events in the news

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Project Teams

Selling T-Shirts

Buy a shirt today!

- Keeping track of money, orders, and other details

Social Media

Article on the Patch


- Define post traumatic stress disorder
- Symptoms of PTSD and stress - physically and emotionally
- Treatment of PTSD and stress
- Coping with violence on TV

Poster Design

Research Links

Period 6 -Marriage equality

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Project Groups

- pro- gay marriage reasons and quotes
- con gay marriage reasons and quotes
- causes and definitions of sexuality and homosexuality
- definitions of marriage, civil union, gay marriage
- marriage under the constitution
- history and timeline of legal debates


- create a survey to give to gauge the climate at MHS around homosexuality and gay marriage
- administer survey
- analyze data
- report and record results, debrief findings

Class Summary/Press Release

Poser Design


Pro-Con site

Born Gay? research

Article on supreme court cases

PBS article link


Survey Examples