Declaring Independence

Mission US Video Game


Table of Contents - Chapter 4 Section 2

Key Terms for Chapter 4 Section 2- Page 114

Mark up the text below - finish for homework:

Homework Period 6 - Reading Focus Question #1 on page 114

The Second Continental Congress notes - Activity 1

Read page 115 in your textbook. As you read, open and take notes in the two column notes document below.

Directions for the online book:
- Click on "Social Studies" on left hand side
-Click on any social studies textbook
- username: gwashington201
- password: president
- Select Chapter 4 Section 2

  • respond to comments, connections, questions, predictions and inference
  • revise as needed
  • generate a question based on text that you would like to pursue

Share your responses with the class

Battle of Bunker Hill Think Aloud with a Partner - Activity 2

You will work with you 1 o'clock Clock Buddy. Move to sit with your buddy, then open the document below and follow the directions.

Living History Presentation - Pre and Post Activities

On Friday we will attend a special presentation in the auditorium called Living History. You will interact with several men who played different roles in the Revolutionary War: Continental Army soldiers, New England farmers, British soldiers and French soldiers. In order to help us prepare for this presentation, we will complete a preactivity together, linked below.

Pre-assignment - Material Culture

During activity - Notes for the presentation on Friday December 3 and homework assignment:

Post-Activity Assignment - Quiz Grade

The Declaration of Independence

- define the Englightenment and the Great Awakening and identify several influential thinkers
- Explain the intellectual influences of the Declaration of Independence
- Analyze the Declaration of Independence for grievances
- Summarize the Declaration from the point of view of a loyalist or a patriot

We are going to spend the next few days reading the Declaration and analyzing the beliefs that influenced this document. First we are going to preview the Declaration using a a program called WordSift


  1. Tag Cloud - the 50 most important words in the reading
  2. Visual Thesaurus - displays definitions, synonyms, antonyms
  3. Google image search - pictures connected to the main words
  4. Google video search on the main topics
  5. Tailored results - organize the word cloud

  • Click on "Create Workspace" and drag the 5 most important words into this space
  • Click on "make images draggable" and drag one picture for each important word into the workspace
  • Prediction: looking at the list of words, what do you think the main idea of the passage is? What will we read about in this passage?
  • Add this in your Virtual Notebooks under your "Declaring Independence" page.

Over the next few days we will read through the Declaration of Independence and analyze its significance to the Revolutionary War and to American history. We will use the packets below for each lesson. At the end, we will check your predictions above - did you guess the important words and ideas?

For Honors Period 6:

For College PREP

Fun Declaration of Independence Website
What's really on the back of the Declaration of Independence?? Sign the Declaration of Independence! along with the founding fathers! Learn trivia about the document

The back of the Declaration
The back of the Declaration