Chapter 5 - Creating a New Government


- Ms. Ward-Bailey's version

Section 1 - The Articles of Confederation - Page 144

Activity 1 - What is a republic?

Use your book page 145 and the internet to define and explain what a "republic" is. Use this to record your notes. Consider the following:
  • what is the difference between a republic and a democracy?
  • what is the Republican party? What is the Democratic party?

Activity 2 - Republican Motherhood

Now that you know the definition of a republic, what role did women play in this new government?
  • Read the subheading titled "Republican motherhood" in your books on page 145.
  • Determine the main idea and three key details from this passage.
  • Use this for notetaking:

  • Share these with a partner, revise until you have an agreement
  • Together, answer the following question: how did the Revolutionary War bring a shift in women's roles? We will share these with the class

- Complete this

Activity 3 - The Articles of Confederation

Find your Clock Buddy for 11 o'clock.

Work with them to determine the key details and then the main idea of the passage titled "A New National Government" on page 146.

Once we have discussed this as a class, together answer the following questions:

EXPLAIN: Why did the states need to create a central government?

RECALL: What were the Articles of Confederation?

SUMMARIZE: Under the Articles of Confederation, what powers did the central government have?

Activity 4 - Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

Use pages 146-147 to fill in the chart below:

Section 2 - Drafting the Constitution- Page 150

Three Branches of Government Activity
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